Saturday, December 8, 2012

Southern Style Fried Corn

This is far from a "healthy" dish, but it is quite delicious. It is rather simple, but can take a little while to make. The benefits of this dish are taste, and the fact it only needs one skillet to make.

Southern Fried Corn:

1 pound of Hickory Smoked Bacon
4-6 Ears of Corn on the Cob
2 TBSP Butter
2 TSP Brown Sugar
1 TSP Sea Salt
1 TSP Black Pepper
2 TSP Chinese Five-Spice

1: Cook the bacon in a hot skillet until semi-crispy, leaving the grease in the hot pan for later. Dice and chop the bacon into small pieces and toss into a bowl. Sprinkle the sugar and Chinese Five-Spice over the bacon and mix together thoroughly.

2: Carefully remove the corn from the cobs, until you have as much corn as you desire. Place the corn into the hot pan with the bacon grease, add the butter, and black pepper, and cook for 5-10 minutes over medium heat.

3: Add the bacon mixture to the corn in the skillet and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from the heat and sprinkle with the salt before giving the corn and bacon a final stir. Once completed and combined, serve this as a side as your favorite meal, or as a tasty dish to enjoy greedily on its own.

As stated above, this dish is far from what most people would consider to be healthy, but it is very delicious and worth a try. If you are looking for ways to make this your own, you could use your favorite type of sausage instead of bacon, or even some diced ham (as long as you render down some fat to cook the corn in). Play with the spices and ingredients until you find a dish that you and your family can enjoy.

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