Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Druid's Mocha Mudslide

Why am I posting a cold, iced drink in the chilly months of the year? Because not everyone is out there looking for a steamy beverage to sip. Especially those adults among us who like to have a nice holiday get together with friends and family and want something to keep the party alive. This recipe combines two of my favorite drinks, the classic mudslide and the iced mocha. So get out that blender and keep up, because the party is just getting started here.

Druid's Mocha Mudslide:

1 Part brewed and chilled black coffee
1 Part Heavy Cream
2 Parts Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
2 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
1 Part Kahlua Liqueur
1 Part Grey Goose Vodka
1 Part Caramel flavored Syrup
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Cocoa Powder
Whipped Cream
Whole Mint Leaf

Combine all liquid ingredients in your favorite blender half-filled with ice cubes, and pulse until well blended. Add in the chocolate chips, ice cream, and cocoa powder, then mix with the blender for 1-3 minutes, until the ice is thoroughly ground into the drink. Pour into your best glass and top with a tablespoon of whipped cream, dust lightly with nutmeg, and garnish with the mint leaf for a flash of bright color in the glass. 

That's it.

Your blender will appreciate being used, and your friends and family will love this delicious drink. Also, you could vanquish the caramel syrup and add in some creme de menthe liqueur for a festive and tasty version of this delicious adult beverage.

Mix it up, have a party, and enjoy.

~Bon App├ętit~

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